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Don't Be A Baby + 2 EP

2011 · Solidarity

A brand spankin' new EP from Oakland's own Big Kids. The CD includes the Big Kids tracks from their “Don’t Be A Baby” 7" on Topshelf, their split with Joyce Manor on Solidarity/Brick Gun and the split with Koalacaust on Mountain Man. Pretty much a compilation of (3) 7"s on one CD! Bam!

Track Listing:
1. Don't Be a Baby
2. I am a Romantic Comedy Dude
3. You're So Fucking PS
4. Cybersex is Still Stupid
5. Pig Through A Python

Who Released What:
Topshelf released 7"
Mountain Man released Tape
Solidarity released CD


Split 7"

2011 · Solidarity

The Atlanta Braves take on the Pittsburgh Pirates on this release!! haha Just kidding! The Wild are from Atlanta, Run, Forever call Pitsburgh home! Two new tracks from each band, and some rad art by Dave Watt!

1. Street Names (The Wild)
2. To Be Content (The Wild)
3. Silver Screens (Run, Forever)
4. Young Pioneers (Run, Forever)

- Vinyl will include digital download coupon for all your mp3 desires!

- Download free here as well:

/100 Clear Purple (Band Exclusive)
/100 Mint Green (Solidarity Exclusive)
/300 Black


Phone Home

2011 · Solidarity

The sophomore LP from BIG KIDS (Oakland, CA) is exactly what you need...urgent and passionate music with more than enough melody to keep you singing along, and just enough jagged edges to remind you it's real. Recorded in a flurry of stress and creative energy, the songs here are a step forward for the band and the listener, but hardly a departure from what connected so many people to their first record. Listen to this loud, and with friends.

Track Listing:
1. Pier 14 Locals
2. Reflecting on Rejection
3. Groundhog
4. Dad's Datsun
5. I Am A Romantic Comedy Dude
6. Catchers Mitt
7. Vaccine
8. 68%
9. Jokes
10. 42 Hours to 2073
11. Fuck the Party
12. Full Gainer

*Vinyl via Protagonist Music / ADAGIO830
*CD via Solidarity Recordings
*Tape/Cassette via Mountain Man Records


In Revival

2011 · Solidarity

The Mighty Fine reside in San Luis Obispo, CA and bring a pretty rad dose of tunes, i'm super excited for this record and love it to death! Art by Dave Watt, Mastered by Justin Perkins! Pretty rad! Get excited for these 12 tracks!

Track Listing:
1. Revive
2. To Indiana
3. Flow
4. Fragments
5. Big Inconvenience
6. Now You Know
7. Ambassadors
8. Paper Trails
9. Heroes on TV
10. Catching Up To Tired
11. Dig
12. Backwards Therapy


Worst Case Scenario 7"

2011 · Solidarity

French Exit from Los Angeles bring you 4 new action packed rad tracks on this 7"! See them at Seattle Sounfest and Awesome Fest in San Diego this summer!

Track Listing:
1. Favorite Actress
2. This Is Where I'm Calling From
3. F & P
4. Flat
5. Keith (Bonus track on digital download only)

First Press:
/200 Black with Blank Green Labels


Three Tickle Guys 7"

2011 · Solidarity

Debut tunes from Long Island, NY's Crow Bait! Features members from Iron Chic, Sister Kisser, Jonesin', Wax Phantom, Halfway to Hell Club, and Make It Plain! Simply a rad 7"! Enough said! :)

Track Listing:
1. Tragic Fall
2. Callin' Yer Bluff
3. Dizzy Spells
4. Outbound
5. Breathing Days

Co-release between:
Solidarity Recordings
A.D.D. Records
Dirt Cult Records
Lost Cat Records
Drunken Sailor Records (UK)
Eager Beaver Records (Japan)

First Press:

A Few Good Things 7"

2011 · Solidarity

Run, Forever from Pittsburgh, PA is back with 4 new tracks! Will be out just in time for Fest 10! Run, Forever will be heading to FL to play Fest for their first time, and this 7" is to celebrate it! :)

Track Listing:
1. Letters
2. Fall Hard
3. Get Better
4. Growing Pains

Comes with download coupons for your digital pleasure!

Co-release between Solidarity and Eager Beaver Records (Japan)


First Press:

Split 7"

2011 · Solidarity

Noise By Numbers from Chicago, IL and The Magnificent from the UK team up for a new split 7"! Two new tracks from each band! A rad friendship, two rad bands! Enjoy! :)

Track Listing:
1. Southgate House (Noise By Numbers)
2. Lost Luggage (Noise By Numbers)
3. Don’t Send Me Flowers (The Magnificent)
4. King of the Denim Jackets (The Magnificent)

Comes with download coupon!

Co-release between Solidarity and Drunken Sailor Records (UK)


First Press: