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The Shell Corporation - Mandrake CD/12"

The Shell Corporation have a new record coming out, it's called Mandrake. CD/Digital will be out 2/25, Vinyl out 4/1. Solidarity will be handling the CD for the band, Paper + Plastick will be handling the Digital and Vinyl. Check out the promo release video here:

You can preorder the CD and other Shell Corporation releases here:

Their second full length.

Foreign wars, domestic spying, extrajudicial assassination, TSA, NSA, CIA, FBI, NRO. Tapped phones, backdoors, trapdoors, spider holes, air raids, drug raids, drone strikes, BART strikes, shock and awe, boots on the ground, surges, tapers, too big to fail, too big to jail, bubbles, inflation, ZIRP, the Fed, the Squid, intervention, non-intervention, EUR, ECB, PIIGS. Carmageddon, snowmageddon, superstorms, rising seas, shrinking ice, oil sheens. Fracking, cracking, fission, fusion, centrifuges, dirty bombs, atom bombs, homemade bombs. Freedom fighters, rebel fighters, jihad, regime change, crackdowns, beatdowns, whistleblowers, wikileaks, change and hope, slippery slopes. Crank up the signal to noise ratio.

The Shell Corporation.


Track Listing:
1. Appetite For Destruction
2. The Death Of Us
3. Remember, Remember
4. Trust Us
5. Hear Them Wail
6. Even Bob Vila Couldn't Fix This Old House
7. Bombs Away
8. Maguire's Plea
9. 60 Hours
10. The Message
11. Perfect World

Jan - vocals

Curtiss - guitar
Seantonamo Bay - bass
Jake - drums

Recorded @ The Lighthouse Recording
Produced / Engineered / Mixed by Chris Hesse
Except for "Bombs Away", "Bob Vila", & "60 Hours" by Jamie McMann
Mastered by Stephen Egerton @ Armstrong Recording

All song written by The Shell Corporation except for "Bombs Away" by The Police

Cover art by Luc Martin

Posted on January 28th, 2014