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Stickup Kid - The Sincerest Form of Flattery 12" Vinyl PREORDERS!

Hey everyone! So this has been in the works for awhile now. Today is the day that Stickup Kid - The Sincerest Form of Flattery 12" vinyl preorders go up! As of this morning they are live! This is a corelease between Solidarity Recordings / Adeline Records /Quote Your Pulse Records!

If you arent familiar with Stickup Kid, stream the record here:

Each  label has an exclsuive color, and each label has 20 limited bundles that include all colors of the vinyl, plus some extra goodies. Here are the details!

/100 Clear Blue (Solidarity Exclusive Color)

/100 Clear (Adeline Exclusive Color)

/100 White (Quote Your Pulse Exclusive Color

/200 Black

Exclusive Bundles can be found here:

Solidarity Bundle:  Includes all (4) copies of the record (Clear Blue/White/Clear/Black), 12" slipmat for your turntable, 11x17 poster, sticker, and a button pack (3 buttons).

Adeline Bundle:  Includes the Stickup Kid 7"

Quote Your Pulse Bundle:

If you don't care for a bundle pack, individual copies can be found via each label. Here is the individual link for Solidarity:

Every copy will include a download coupon to redeem the mp3s, and an 11x17 insert!

This is a preorder, so your copies wont ship until early October or so. The Release date is October 16th!

Hope all that info helps, thanks for all the support!


Posted on August 27th, 2012
Cerce - 7" EP Coming Late Summer! + More...

I'm super excited to announce Solidarity will be releasing Cerce - 7" EP this summer! This band rules and I consider them rad people/friends! This EP rules my brain, female fronted hardcore! This is a corelease with It's A Trap Records out of West Virginia, and A Mountain Far out of Canada. Stay tuned for all info/preorders via here and the Solidarity Facebook/Twitter. Until then check out Cerce here: / /

Also in the works still is The Go Go's Tribute record. It's all coming together nicely, should have all recordings no later than August! Super excited with all the bands involved and the track lisiting! I promise radness!

Also in the works is The Shell Corporation / The Mighty Fine Split 7"! This will be out in the fall intime for The Shell Corporation European tour in Novemeber!

That's all for now, welcome Cerce!

- Solidarity


Posted on July 18th, 2012
4th of July SALE!! 15% off your order of $10 or more!

Hey everyone! 4th of July is only a week away, so lets celebrate with a week long sale! 15% off your entire order of $10 or more! Just use the code: "USA" at checkout! Buy some records, eat tons of great food, and blow shit up! What else can you ask for to celebrate?! haha

Tons of new distro has been in the store, all that can be bought using the 15%, the entire store qualifies!

Some recent great releases that have come out via Solidarity:

- Dogjaw - Piltot

- The Shell Corporation - Time & Pressure EP

- The Shell Corporation - Force Majeure 12"

- The Mighty Fine - In Revival 12"

- French Exit / Signals Midwest Split 7"

- Burning Bridges - S/T 7"

- Noise By Numbers / The Magnificent Split 7"

Check these all out! A few aweosme things in the works including The Go Go's Tribute record, Stickup Kid - The Sincerest Form of Flattery 12", The Shell Corporation / The Mighty Fine Split 7", and a few other goodies!

Thanks so much for the continued support! Have a rad week and 4th of July!

- Solidarity

Posted on June 27th, 2012
Dogjaw - Pilot Preorders / The Shell Corporation - Force Majeure 12" Out Tomorrow 5/8!

Hey all! Hope everyone is doing great! Awesome weather here in San Jose lately, can't complain. So today 5/7 preorders have started for Dogjaw - Pilot CD. Preorder it and you will get a rad button pack! You can see what that looks like in the store! This record will be out 5/29. These guys are rad, I can't stop listening to this record. 11 songs of awesomeness!

The Shell Corporation - Force Majeure 12" is out tomorrow 5/8. Preorders shipped well over a week ago. I love this record, hope everyone enjoys how it turned out!

A few other things in the works to keep an eye out on: The Shell Corporation - Time and Pressure EP will be out sometime in June. Fifteen - Buzz 12" is being worked on as I type, thats this summer forsure. Stickup Kid from San Jose, their record The Sincerest Form of Flattery will be out on 12" vinyl for the first time this summer/fall in time for Fest via a corelease. There will also be a Shell Corporation / The Mighty Fine Split 7" just in time for a Novemeber European tour!

So thats whats all in the works...oh yeah... The Go Go's Tribute is coming together really awesome, super excited for this!

Thanks for the support, thats the newest updates!


Posted on May 7th, 2012
The Mighty Fine - In Revival 12" PREORDERS + The Shell Corporation UPDATE!

Hey everyone! Today March 5, 2012 The Mighty Fine - In Revival 12" Preorders go up! There are (3) Colors to choose from: Clear Teal, Clear Red, and White. These are all limted to /100. There is also Black /200. I have posted a (4) Color Pack in the store as well, that secures you all four colors, and a copy of the record on CD! Pretty cool! Release date is 4/10/2012, but these will be shipping in the next few weeks, you'll get it before the release date like always!

Also, The Mighty Fine are releasing a new free EP called Burning Rust, expect that in the next couple of weeks!

The Shell Corporation - Force Majeure 12" is in the works as well! Jackets/Inserts are all done and in hand. Just waiting on tests and then final vinyl. We are looking at a late April release for that, more news/preorders in the coming weeks!

Last, the Burning Bridges 7"s came in, they turned out rad! Be sure to check it out! Alex/Get Better Records really worked hard on this!

Oh, and if you do place an order, be sure to check out all the new distro available! New stuff from: Underground Communique Records, Dead Broke Rekerds, It's Alive Records, Recess Records, and Kiss of Death Records. Their distro's can easily be found on the left, or just scroll through all the distro, thats super fun!

Awesome, hope all is well with everyone! Spring is almost here, it was like 80 here in San Jose this past weekend. Thanks again for the continued support!

- Solidarity

Posted on March 5th, 2012