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12th & G Comp. 12" (Dead to Me, French Exit, Summer Vacation, + More!)

This compilation record was (mostly) recorded over one (party) weekend within The Warehouse at 12th & G, a DIY venue in Chino, CA. Unfortunately, 12th & G was shut down, but this comp will fund further DIY endeavors we will continue to do, forever. No, we don't know better.

Track Listing:
Horror Squad-Liquor Stories
Dead To Me-No Lullabyes
Battle Flask-Bullit
Bonsai!-Keep it a Secret
Turkish Techno-DUI
Summer Vacation-Team Captain
Adder-This is the Life
The Maxies-Baby Defect
The Edison Record-Never Ending Now
Mut!ny-Bloody Nose
Dudes Night-Everybody Woes
French Exit-F & P
Aaron Ohio-You're Beautiful

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